Syndicate Consolidation

At the beginning of 2008, the Syndicate Consumption Tumblog launched as a space to comment on my media diet, what I was reading, watching, listening to, even eating. Since March 2008, Syndicate Consumption cataloged hundreds of items.

However, despite linking Syndicate Consumption from Syndicate Product Covert HQ, printing the web address on promo materials and in the zine masthead, many people never jumped over to read it, or weren’t even aware it existed. While it’s not a great loss that people didn’t read my thoughts on Hellboy II for example, there were many minicomics (Izzy Challenge), comics (Comic Book Comics), and zines (Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine) reviewed that deserved more visibility.

Therefore effective immediately, Syndicate Consumption is folding back into Syndicate Product Covert HQ.

The Syndicate Consumption Archives will remain. Yearly print compendiums of my consumption may or may not continue, that’s still to be determined. To view only the Consumption posts on SPCHQ, just chose the “consumption” tag from the “Labels” drop-down menu.